Our company (Italo-Argentine) was founded in 1962, almost 47 years ago, by Jose Frusso, an Italian immigrant (born in Saluzzo Piemonte) who started manufacturing wine machines, which were the market needs of that time.


Then, we specialized in the manufacturing of lines for the production, and bottling of carbonated drinks into crown-capped glass bottles.


Over the years, our customers needs, and requirements were changing until Pet containers were introduced into the market.

We also have developed complete lines to fill cans.


Nowadays, we have a wide range of high-quality machines, which fulfill all our customers’ needs. Our clients are low-productions entrepreneurs as well as important medium-sized productions companies, from Argentina to Canada.

















Since 1997, we developed a parallel complementary activity; the manufacturing of stainless steel process tanks.

This activity led us to the manufacturing of tanks for food products,

and chemical substances.


Currently, we have 3 production plants which add up 4,000 square feet.

Our highly-trained technical, and operative staff faces new developments,

and challenges that our customers arise frequently.

We achieved ISO 9001:2000 Standards certification in 2004.


All of our products meet the requirements, and principles of the European Community.


We have cooperation agreements with leader companies in every area of Italy.

We are also trained to meet UL, and CSA standards (United States, and Canada).

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